P4 Trip to the BAC

In order to carry out P.E. coursework, on the 9th November 2018, five R.B.A.I. pupils took a class of P4 Inchmarlo boys on a trip to the Belfast Activity Centre. This was a fun-filled day which involved the boys being tested physically and mentally throughout. The first ‘ice breaker’ activity involved the boys trying to get under or over a rope that was continually being turned in a circular motion by the instructors. The boys demonstrated good concentration and patience, choosing the right moment to run under or over. The next and last ‘ice breaker’ activity involved everyone holding on to a certain part of a parachute. Someone would shout something out and if this statement applied to you then you would run under the parachute that was being lifted up by the people still holding the parachute. After running under the parachute, the boys